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University of Cambridge DELTA (English Language Teaching to Adults)
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University of Oxford English Teaching Certificate
Cambridge CPE Cambridge BEC Higher,
Authorized English-Romanian Translator/ Interpreter
University of Cambridge Speaking Examiner
M.A. in International Business
M.A. in Contemporary English Literature
M.A. in American Cultural Studies
B.A. in English and Romanian Language and Literature

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in IATEFL organisation (International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language)

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2-in-1 Blend Words

How to create new nouns in English

A good friend of mine has recently invited me to a conference on ‘’knowledgement’’ – “Don’t scold me for that”, she said. “I know my nouns in English but this is a blend word we really like to use.”

My friend’s remark amused me and made me think of Alice in Wonderland and words that are twofold: blend words. Aren’t they miraculous? The beauty of English makes it possible to say two words with one effort. For example, smog (smoke + fog) workaholic (work + alcoholic) brunch (breakfast + lunch) artivist (art + activist), webinar (web + seminar).

Blend words fill a gap in our vocabulary and this gives them the power to stand the test of time. Hence, how many times do you think we’ve felt “mimsy” (“miserable and flimsy”), as Lewis Carroll famously wrote?

If you want to try out your blend words skills, you can play Hangman here:

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